How To Draw Stuff With Calvin Innes – Simple Cityscapes

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Have you ever wanted to draw a cityscape, filled with buildings and windows and stairs and signs and all of that other stuff that comes in cities? Looks a little complicated right? Well, actually, like most illustrations it’s easier than you might first think. As long as you follow some simple rules to start your […]

Website Revamp

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My website has finally had a complete overhaul! Having been tied up with other things for the last few years (kids, work, etc.) I had failed to update my site in almost two years. Thanks to the recent lock-down I’ve had a little more time to focus on the website and my illustration work, so […]

Daily Live Streaming on Facebook

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It’s safe to say that times are a little strange at the moment. For the time being my visits to schools and libraries are off and any upcoming literature festivals have been cancelled, so I’m taking my drawing sessions online. For as long as the lock-down lasts I will be live streaming drawing tutorials every […]

How To Draw Stuff With Calvin Innes – Simple Rules For Better Hands

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Who hates to draw hands? Who finds it really difficult? Who has created characters with hands that end up being HUGE? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Loads of people hate drawing hands because, let’s be honest, they can be pretty tricky! Don’t worry though, I can help. In my latest Facebook live streamed drawing tutorial […]

88 Magazine Feature

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This week saw the team at Drunk Animal Creative Studio (my marketing agency) launch a brand new project, 88 Magazine. 88 Magazine brings a new focus to the traditional lifestyle magazine. A ‘digital first’ platform where local and regional people, businesses and communities come together through food, music, fashion, travel, entertainment & education.  In this […]