Exciting Announcement!

I have recently been approached by the wonderful Michele Venditte to assist on her new children’s book adventure. Michele has been working with children for many years and her passion is watching them grow, learn and create through the power of arts and literature.

Throughout her professional career, Michele has been a kindergarten teacher, a private school principal and then a Regional Director overseeing 25 private school locations … so it’s safe to say she has abundant experience in keeping little ones entertained! Evidently Michele would find herself wandering into classrooms and making up stories on the spot which had the children engrossed and hanging off of every detail; if this is what she’s capable of impromptu imagine what she can cook up when she’s in the zone!

Michele and I have been working closely together on some initial concepts and I am overwhelmed with excitement to get my teeth stuck into this; it’s going to be fantastic. Thank you for letting me be a part of this Michele.