Stoke Your Creative Fire – My top 5 tips for getting creative

Is your mind no longer buzzing with thoughts and ideas? Fortunately, there are tactics you can employ to get those creative juices flowing!

Make Mistakes

Creativity requires a willingness to make mistakes and be wrong! If you consistently approach tasks with the fear of failure or making a mistake then you never venture outside your comfort zone and thus limit your creativity. If your creative approach is coming from a place of fear and risk avoidance, then you will always settle for the safe solutions which you’ve already applied many times before. Let loose, make errors, explore your limits and don’t fear failure!

Collaborate and Communicate

People are the main source of inspiration for new ideas. If you’re in the office, then approach your colleagues and have a chat; the chat could be completely off topic or even regarding your project. Hearing insights and advice from others makes you respond and react and will get cogs turning. 


Regular exercise is associated with improved divergent and convergent thinking which are the main ingredients for creative thinking. Exercising regularly acts as a cognitive enhancer which promotes creativity in a healthy and simple way. 

Start Simple

Analysis paralysis is real! The condition of spending so much time thinking about a problem and cramming your brain with so much information that you lose the ability to act. Overthinking creates a recipe for stifled creativity. Stop collecting information and overloading yourself, start with the very basic components and flesh the rest out from there. 

Disconnect Yourself

Distance yourself, physically, from things that are causing you distractions. Turn the television off, turn the music off, step away from the phone and lock the door if you must. Create an environment where you can be fully in tune with your emotions and inspiration. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get yourself to fire on all cylinders. Off days happen and they’re ok. Sleep on it and pick it back up tomorrow with a fresh head.