The Big Malarkey 2017

The Big Malarkey 2017

Having the opportunity to take part in book festivals and shows is always fun. It’s one of those rare opportunities as an author and artist that I get to work with people, face to face. It’s also an opportunity to teach kids (and families) of all ages how to draw.

The Big Malarkey children’s literature festival is particularly special, as it’s Hull’s (where I work and have spent a good portion of my life) first. When I was asked to host a series of workshops around character design and digital illustration, I jumped at the chance.

Arriving early to The Big Malarkey and the sun is shining. The venue looks great!
It's official - I'm an artist, and an author, and I have a pink badge. Woo!
Chillingin in the 'green room', comparing fruit, with A.F. Harrold and Shoo Rayner at The Big Malarkey children's literature festival.

Downloads & Tutorials

This week I will be making all of the tutorials and guides I have worked on throughout The Big Malarkey available to view and/or download for free. (See below soon)


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