New paintings

I’m currently working on a new set of canvas paintings, to be displayed at various galleries and venues up and down the UK. Quite a few of the paintings will go on display at the bar I co-own, in Hull city centre (Kardomah94) to begin with, before being shifted around to other places. A couple of these paintings will go straight into other galleries. As usual with my paintings, they (mostly) pretty different from my other art… darker and a little more surreal. If you’re a fan of my illustration work you may not necessarily like my paintings… and I kind of like that.

I don’ really start a painting with anything in mind other than a need to get something down on canvas. It might be dark, surreal and scary or it might be abstract, colourful… or whatever. I’ll occasionally go back to doing a painting in a style that has proved popular in the past, such as my ‘Migraine’ collection, but more often than not I just paint things that appeal to me at the time, with no commercial/monetary aim in mind. Below are a couple of ‘work in progress’ shots from my little, and very messy painting studio. As with my other artwork, I tend to have a lot of pieces on the go at once… these canvases are just a few of about 15 I’m currently working on.




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