Illustrator highlights some of our city’s quirky home truths…

Illustrator highlights some of our city’s quirky home truths…

Hull is teeming with artists whose talents are put to use exploring the beautiful, the evocative and the quirky nature of the city, in all of its guises. These artists are some of the city’s most important champions as they bring into the public eye the very ingredients that make Hull what it is.

One such artist is Mike Emberton, a former trawler deckhand and scientist for the Sea Fish Industry Authority. This link to the sea makes Hull a natural home for a man who has in recent years made a concentrated effort to move back to art through life drawing and, more recently, digital illustration. It’s clear that Hull, where he says “offers creative folks the chance to work with less distraction than those who work in the bigger cities” is a place he holds in high regard and is one that plays an important role in his work as an artist.

As a resident of the city for over 20 years the artist has drawn on Hull’s diverse and fascinating history in order to create his more recent artworks. “The Hull Truth series is a quirky take on Hull history. The order of the series (9 so far) is random and the images often have a little comedy about them. There are many more in the pipeline and I can’t wait to publish the next ones!”

The influence of  the classic comic books Mike read as a child, The Eagle, Hotspur, Valiant and The Beano can clearly be seen in the Hull Truth series as he covers topics as diverse as air-raids and bomb shelters, Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, and King Charles I famously being turned away from the city.

“I enjoy hearing and reading about times past and it’s a challenge to pick out topics which I think will appeal to me and my audience. Figuring out compositions which will both tell the story and engage people visually and emotionally is challenging and good fun too! It’s also great to encourage people to celebrate our local history!”

In the true spirit of Hull, the artist will be selling his work around the city’s streets from a hand made barrow. Deliberately priced affordably to allow more people to enjoy and experience his work, you will be able to pick up cards as well as mounted and framed prints from next week. His work can also be found at Chance Gifts on Chanterlands Avenue and Bespoke Boutiques in Little Queen St.

You can find more from Mike Emberton on the Facebook Hull Truth page:


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