Future is looking bright for city’s young creative talent…

Future is looking bright for city’s young creative talent…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to work with dozens of young people from across the city on a range of different projects. It’s been amazing to see the passion, creativity and drive of young people of all ages across the city. They are a clear indication that the future of the city, it’s art, it’s creative businesses and it’s music are in safe hands.

As one of the judges on the panel for the Networked narrative led arts competition for young people, alongside Mark Titchner, I got to see some amazingly poignant and inspiring work from school children across the city as they were asked to consider ‘What is it that you want more than anything else?’. The pieces that were submitted were thought provoking, passionate, occasionally funny and above all, honest and well thought out. A successful competition has led to the entries being displayed at Hull Central Library, where you can still see them.

I’ve also been working with the Hull based business support and development organisation ENRG (and it’s sister organisation Creative ENRG) to help young business people and aspiring entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground. Having run a couple of marketing workshops I have been able to see some of the amazing ideas and unfettered creativity that is on the brink of unleashing itself on the world, and it’s impressive to say the least. To see such raw passion and drive to bring creative ideas to life, and equally to make those ideas into sustainable businesses, is an absolute pleasure. Hull has long been a hotbed for creative talent and with the ever expanding support network for new businesses and creative hubs like C4DI and The Hull Youth Support Trust’s building ‘OneSixOne’, the future is looking bright.

Another example of brilliant young people in the city was the launch of Three Minute Heroes last week. I was lucky enough to be asked to do a little live art at the launch where everyone involved in the project was invited. The collaborative music project which has been spearheaded by The Warren Youth Project, with the support of The Joe Strummer Foundation and Hull City Council supports young people to use creative writing and music to talk openly, confidently and safely about what’s on their mind. The new album, which launched last Friday, has been put together by some of the city’s finest musicians, using the words of young people from Hull.
To support a truly worthy cause and enjoy some brilliant music from some of Hull’s best bands visit: threeminuteheroes.com/music


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