Dead Bod right at home in the transformed Fruit Market…

Dead Bod right at home in the transformed Fruit Market…

Another week, another plethora of cultural and creative goodies to be found across the city. Seeing the iconic Dead Bod on public display in the newly opened Humber Street Gallery is wonderful. It looks great in its new home where people are now able to fully appreciate the piece that has grown to represent Hull’s past, and future so well. Not bad for a piece of graffiti scrawled on some old corrugated steel.

Humber Street gallery is the latest addition to the rapidly developing Fruit Market. If you’ve not yet made it over to see the recent changes to the area, it’s well worth a visit. The streets look fantastic and now boast some of the best bars, restaurants and venues in the city. This year’s Humber Street Sesh is not only going to provide the usual array of bands, art, excitement and culture during a day that has become a key fixture in Hull’s calendar, it’s also going to look fantastic. I for one can’t wait to pick up my paint brushes again this year and create a little live art, while surrounded by brilliant local bands.

Like many, I was disappointed to hear that the proposed foot-bridge connecting Old Town with the Fruit Market has been delayed until 2018, but let’s be honest, it’s only one road to cross and it’s well worth the effort.

For those who do make the effort, you not only have a great selection of places to eat and drink, you can currently see ‘The City Speaks’ installation by artist Michael Pinsky. Part of the 2017 City of culture programme, the public art piece provides a platform where people are able to broadcast their thoughts and feelings. A microphone captures your words, and software transcribes them into a scrolling dot-matrix text on the tidal surge barrier, which is best viewed from Humber Street.

Any project that invites public interaction like this is always going to create unexpected, sometimes funny, sometimes meaningful output and is a great addition to the area.

The City Speaks is part of the Look Up programme of artists’ commissions for the city’s public spaces. It was developed with The Light Lab and realised with the cooperation of the Environment Agency.

A quick one to look out for is a new exhibition titled ‘Solid Ground’ which opens at Brook Street Art in the Prospect Centre on the 16th February. The collection of geological paintings by artist Phil Entwistle will run from the 16th until 10th March.

In the artists own words, “My painting is an expression of my curiosity about, and wonder at, the Earth and the ancient processes that continue to shape the landscape.”


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