City of culture year seen as huge positive for art scene…

City of culture year seen as huge positive for art scene…

The Hull urban music scene has been growing in recent years thanks to a number of talented artists emerging, and helping others to break through.

The likes of Full Flava and DJ Redlocz, with his show on West Hull FM and Grime collective Northerndonz have helped to throw a light on Hull based artists. The talented Chiedu Oraka, whose track ‘I’m From A City’ celebrates Hull culture while MC Redeye Feenix is Hull hip-hop through and through. These artists in turn have lead to more young talent gaining the self belief needed to write and perform live, resulting in a proliferation of new music.

One man who has been a key figure in the growth of Hull’s hip-hop scene is Sean Sibanda, otherwise known as Dragg. Born in Johannesberg to Zimbabwean parents, he along with his family emigrated to the UK thirteen years ago and settled in Hull. It was here that Dragg began to explore a lifelong interest in music. The early influences of Zimbabwean, South African and UK artists helped to shape the writer and performer he is today.

Dragg, who began recording at the age of thirteen puts his love for playing in Hull down to having a chance to ‘play in front of a crowd of people who know you from where you began’. He sees 2017 as a huge positive that will give people involved in the arts a chance to be seen by the world. While larger cities like Manchester or Leeds regularly draw the attention of national media outlets, 2017 brings about an opportunity to showcase just how much Hull has to offer.

Having recently played at Pozition as part of a showcase of urban culture, in partnership with Full Flava and Bespoke Boutiques, Dragg spoke of the satisfaction he gains from hearing that his journey has influenced or inspired others

At around age 11 years old I had meningitis which resulted in complete eyesight loss so music became an outlet in which I could express myself and hopefully motivate other people.”

With his work increasingly taking him beyond Hull and a new single making waves online, I asked Dragg to name-drop a few of the acts he would recommend seeing in the city. Mono Life, DJ Fast T, Laura Prescott and The Hubbards are just a small selection who he feels merit a closer look.

Dragg’s latest single, ‘Let The Beat Breathe’ featuring Lady Leshurr is currently on sale world-wide. The track has attracted more than 236,000 views on YouTube as I write this and has been featured on MTV Base.

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