Bringing the work of talented local photographers to light…

Bringing the work of talented local photographers to light…

Open your mind to new ideas… That’s exactly what Illuminate, a photography organisation formed in Hull earlier this year is designed to do. By uniting the photography community through events and exhibits, offering support and development opportunities, Illuminate assist in bringing local photographers work to light.

Hull boasts some incredibly talented and creative photographers, on par with any city in the country, who all too often struggle to find outlets for their work. As is the case with many artists, creating work is one thing, getting that work out to people is something entirely different.

Verity Harr and Anna Bean have been involved with photography for several years. Both are highly qualified, have lectured on the subject and have worked both locally and nationally. Above all they are passionate about the art-form. It is this shared passion for photography that led them to establish Illuminate, as a way of passing on their knowledge to those hoping to expand their own skills and understanding. Open discussion and the sharing of ideas is important for any art-form to develop and grow. Illuminate creates an environment for these discussions to take place.

After attending photography events in Bradford and Liverpool, the two experienced artists came together to start up the group, that is currently gearing up for it’s first presentation. Illuminate1 takes place at Union Mash Up, Princes Avenue on 9th July. Tickets are free and the event is open for anyone with an interest in photography.

Illuminate1 is an incredible chance to see and hear from local photographers, each working in different styles, across various genre and with their own unique approaches to the art-form. An eclectic mix of projects include those based upon local themes through to the weird and wonderful. Seeing art is one thing. Hearing artists speak passionately about their craft as their work is on view is both inspiring and fascinating. These kind of events allow you to immerse yourself in the artists world for a brief period and discover just what drives and inspires them.

Illuminate are one of a new breed of Hull based organisations who are proudly carrying the torch, and lighting the way for the various creative scenes in the city. Uniting the art and photography scenes in Hull sparks valuable discussions, inspires new ideas and forms an important platform, where creative people can showcase their talent to the rest of the UK, and the world.

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