A busy week in Hull

For this week’s column in the Hull Daily Mail I give a brief run down of my week… it’s been a busy one. The column actually only covers a small part of what I’ve been up to. Grab a copy of the Hull Daily Mail (or East Riding Mail) today to see the column. As well as my day to day work for Drunk Animal Design & Marketing, and My Little Big Town Publishing I am involved in developing a couple of other businesses/projects in the city that are beginning to gain momentum. Both are tied in heavily with the arts and cultural scene in the city, as we thunder ever closer to 2017 when Hull will enjoy the title of City of Culture. This brings around huge opportunities for artists, musicians and anyone involved in the arts/culture of the city.

My own projects are by no means the only new ventures.. in fact there are dozens (most likely more) amazing new ventures beginning to come to fruition around the city. I hope to cover as many of them as possible in my column, and meet the people involved. You may assume that running creative businesses would mean that I see other creative businesses as rivals, or competitors, but that’s not the case at all. While it’s certainly true that my design company may compete for work with other design companies in the city, I believe that the more creative people in the city, the stronger the creative scene becomes which in turn leads to more (and more interesting) work. I love seeing artists, musicians and performers create art. It’s as simple as that. Creativity should be celebrated and allowed to flourish.

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