City’s long standing music scene is finally recognised…

City’s long standing music scene is finally recognised…

Recent years have seen Hull embark on a gradual transformation into a city that is known for it’s festivals. This change has come about thanks to a number of individuals and groups who are passionate about music, film and the arts in Hull, and who dedicate their time and energy to organising and promoting events in the city.

Inspired events such as Humber Street Sesh, Freedom Festival, Hull Jazz Festival, Hull Film Festival, Trinity Festival, Assemble Fest, Pride In Hull, Hull Fest and Hull Comedy Festival are all the result of hard working people putting in countless hours to help create something truly memorable. Whatever differing backgrounds or experiences the organisers of these varied events have, they share one common thread. They are passionate about what they do.

This week I met up with Mark Sinfield, one of the people behind the ‘Ulltra Festival’, to be held over two days next June at the iconic Adelphi Club. Mark, who runs Budheron Promotions, along with Jamie Gambino of Vicious Vices are the men behind the clubs first two day festival which boasts an impressive line up of twenty bands, ten from Hull and ten out of town acts.

Mark, who came late to music promotion after years of working his day job, is one of the most genuine people I’ve met. His passion for music is clear, as is his appreciation for the music scene in Hull and those involved in it. People who he accredits for showing him support as he focused a lifelong passion for music into arranging his first gig, at the age of 48. Since then he has organised and promoted over 30 gigs in Hull and in cities across the UK.

As we spoke about events, past careers and future ambitions it quickly became apparent that like many others involved with music in the city there is a feeling of real excitement about the future. The music scene in Hull, which he says is one that has welcomed him with open arms and allowed him to explore his passion for music, has been bubbling away for many years and is about to explode. Those in hull have always known of the city’s vibrant music scene while those further afield are beginning to discover just what is on offer.

With the latest addition to Hull’s already impressive festival line up boasting acts such as Kagoule, Life, Weirds, FEHM, Vulgarians, Cannibal Animal, Cassels, Narcs, Tear and The Holy Orders the 11th and 12th of June 2016 will be superb, and very loud.

Search for ‘Ulltra Festival’ on Facebook to find out more or head over to to book your tickets.


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